Realtor Loyalty Program [Old]

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Award Winning Home Stager
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Rooms With Impact is excited to announce your charter membership into our exclusive Realtor Loyalty Program (RLP) developed for those Realtors who have honored us through the years by including us as a vital part of your ongoing real estate marketing program. We realize you could work with other companies in our area and want you to know how much we appreciate your choosing Rooms With Impact as your Staging provider.


As an RLP Charter Member you will receive:

  • exclusive consultation promotional pricing
  • preferred scheduling
  • our well established effectiveness…with exciting new improvements!


But there is more! While we will continue to provide you with the professionalism, positive attitude and outstanding results you have grown to expect from us we wanted to elevate the level of service we bring to our area.


We have spent the past year actively researching and training on the most current and cutting edge staging techniques from within our industry. We believe the addition of these techniques will allow your listings to stand out even more amongst the competition listing after listing. And if your listings stand out, your number of listings are sure to increase!


These new techniques include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • streamlining our systems increasing homeowner follow through with our staging recommendations-we are only valuable to you if we can move sellers to action!
  • adding our “Top Ten Impact Items” sure to create order out of chaos for your clients!
  • adding our downloadable and printable “Homeowner’s Checklists and Recommendations”
    • Home Showing Checklist
    • How to Live in a Staged Home
    • Six Week Moving Checklist
  • addition of an exciting array of concierge services… details of which will be announced soon!


We will be announcing many more changes over the next few weeks but wanted to make sure YOU were among the very first to know about all these exciting developments as you are a valuable part of what makes our company successful.Please reach out to us should you have any questions. We look forward to our continuing partnership!

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Let us at Rooms with Impact help you MAXIMIZE your Selling PRICE! MINIMIZE your Selling TIME!

Contact us for details, pricing and availability.
P| 612.270.3939      E|

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