Home staging can be overwhelming for home owners. With a carefully curated list of things to do, we facilitate and accelerate the selling process.

Occupied Home Consultation

Statistics show that staged homes spend 80% less time on the housing market and regularly sell for 20% more than homes that don’t utilize staging services.

The main reason someone buys a home is emotional. A staged home allows buyers to envision themselves in it. Our home staging process truly feels like an investment, not an expense.

More Than Just De-cluttering

Home staging is much more than de-cluttering. Our space analysis of each room optimizes furniture layout and utilizes existing décor to achieve a designer look without the high price. Then, with some accessory supplementation, your home turns into a warm and comfortable environment with the broadest appeal to buyers.

By using our “buyer’s eyes,” we help any home, regardless of age or occupancy status, look and feel like a model home. We produce the highest return on investment by staging rooms that emotionally connect with buyers.

One of our most successful staging projects sold in 3 days with multiple offers!

New Home Unpacking, Decorating & Redesign

Spend your time preparing for the move, then count on us to do the tough stuff. Quite often, many homeowners discover that furniture, accessories, and décor that looked terrific in a prior home don’t easily fit into the space of a new home.

Before your move, we’ll thoughtfully select existing belongings to seamlessly fit into your new space and recommend furniture and accessory purchases that will make each area feel warm and inviting. There’s nothing better than to have a room’s layout determined prior to the move.

We’ll Do The Heavy Lifting, You Enjoy

Room design is fun, but the actual move is time-consuming and exhausting. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone else unpacked your belongings and prepared you for move-in day?

Imagine walking into your new home to see your dishes washed and put away, the pantry and refrigerator stocked with food, and bedrooms and bathrooms ready to use. We can also schedule a highly regarded cleaning service to ensure that everything is in pristine condition.

Want to achieve a higher sales price?

Potential home buyers will pay more money for a staged home. Let Rooms With Impact design a space that exudes luxury, warmth and livability.